1. Michael and Tim | East Village

    Apologies for the long hiatus from posting; things should be up and running again now.  


  2. Delancey Street Station | Lower East Side, NYC. 


  3. New Jersey, 2009.


  4. Michael, Wyoming, August 2013.


  5. frants:

    With the passing today of German actor Otto Sander (above right), this would be a perfect time to discover Wim Wenders’ beautiful film Wings of Desire. Perhaps at this very moment, the Angel Sander sits in a library in Berlin, listening to the hopes and fears of humankind.

    One of my favorite films of all time, and one of the first that got me thinking about photography, documentation, and memory.  RIP, dear Otto Sander.


  6. Keflavik Airport, Iceland, July 2009.


  7. The Suburbs, Los Angeles, August 2013.


  8. LAX, August 2013.


  9. Montjuïc, Barcelona, February 2012.


  10. Queens, New York City, Fall 2008.